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To The Bardos!

by Captain Squeegee

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Poesy Rider
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Poesy Rider Notre capitaine a sérieusement ralenti le tempo sur ce coup ! Il s'agit sans doute d'une évolution ''logique", en tout cas, il s'agit d'une évolution, preuve en est que le groupe ne se repose pas sur ses acquis (entre parenthèses, la pochette est magnifique !). Bref, comme pour les Pokemon, on attend la suite... Favorite track: The Farce 500-Million.
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The Key 02:05
I Sing, now with honesty Because I Honestly believe... The blind, they will finally see. And if you don't just lend a listen to me... I'll be The Key
The Factory 04:04
The world is flat You must relax Till the sun is back But is that a fact? The white is black Here in the Factory Cuz nobody asks... Who's makin?... There's a factor in tradition, call it lack of inquisition No expedition of positions that are from another vision One beyond the fact & fictional... and the choir, so predictable So out of tune & 2-dimentional, too intentionally conventional Oh No... OH NO! The World is flat Just pay the tax We are free at last But is that a fact? Hear the sharps go flat Here in The Factory While nobody asks... Who's makin? But Earth wasn't flat Yeah, the man distracts Just to hold you back... BUT THAT DON'T HAVE TO BE FACT! Watch the puppets act You're in The Factory Production's fast, when we don't ask And the liars laugh... While the Masons stack the stone that masks... Who's makin our... ...facts? There's a factor in tradition & religion, call it lack of re-cognition No extradition of positions that are from a broader vision... One beyond the priest & principal, from the music SO predictable So out of touch & non-directional... Too intentionally unforgettable. Hypnosis is essential for keeping you professionally slaves. Yeah we get paid, then forget that we are... Slaves.
Dually Noted 05:00
I am not a weed I'm just an unloved flower Was trying to be wheat, but then they'd harvest me! Got to stay discreet so they don't know my power I am not a weed but still this poison sprays on me... But I will sing, still And it will pollinate the will... If you make your note aloud than it is Sound When they say you're not allowed it just a dare to turn it all around Scribble down your notes, I'll bet their sound Strike a chord or you're mumbling, suckered in, to think your feelings won't resound. The guy who made the gun And the boy who built the bomb Did they know what they had done, do they burn for what's begun? And if they don't it's surely justified by wars that we have won... But now pretend that they had sung, just for fun, just for love Would they invent still... A weapon or a song? (Chorus) If you make your (note) a- (loud) then it is (sound) When they say ("You're not allowed") it's just a... Your notes were always sound!
Seek 03:33
So what are you waiting for? Or did you already give up? On finding the cure, to the cancer that consumes what our bodies were for Just ask & ye shall receive But you've been asking for so long are you pleased? The find is that ye must Seek! And it was foolish just to wait for The Key So now can you see how we are everything this isn't? We must find, not just figure out why... Cuz it was everything we couldn't define Just Seek & you you'll find! Just Seek & you'll rewind Just speak while your word's divine! Just Seek, and the world will find
My Machine 05:36
It's been so long since I have truly slept Upon the rare occasion I'll just play the fool & forget The secret signaling subconsciousness Reminding me my vehicle is limiting Limiting my super-powers In the head-quarters That's where I'm chained By the words & the time & this life In My Machine Stomping onward endlessly Gears that spin so patiently And aimlessly I fear This is not the first time This is not the first time And dear God I'll be chanting that it may be the last (Let this one be the last) (Let this one be the last) But this incarnation is doomed to repeat In light of my malfunctions And humanly defeats I repeat will repeat (Chorus) Step back or forward Either way you're still moving through time Step back or forward Either way you're still livin a life
The fabric of "reality" unravels Into strings of Lydia's harmonic range & cosmic rays Transmitting us this frequency of change But are we listening? Well you should hear-it it's encoded in these sound-waves... So many thoughts & visions we have channeled From old Lemuria, and the Astral Planes, and darkest days that every civilization here has seen Is that what we must see? Or can we break free? I think we'll break free! I really think we're gonna... Shift Happens, be it the poles or a paradigm Shift happens, being black-holes prove a paradox in-time Yeah, Shift Happens, be it romance or the end of it Shift... it totally happens So you better shift or... be left behind! What an exhausting journey we have traveled From old Sumeria to outer-space The Human Race, forgetting all of the knowledge in that place... While The Annunaki presence still remains! BUT THAT IS GONNA CHANGE!! The Shift, it'll happen Beyond the poles & the politics Shift Happens, while UFOs prove the history books are fixed Yeah, Shift Happens, whether it's Man or the end of him Shift... it totally happens. So you better shift or... be left behind!
Interwoven 04:16
Far beyond the fabric, beneath my nervous smile Hidden by the awkward mess of hair, and dirt, and skin Buried by my muscles, embedded in my bones Deep within my heart-cave, interwoven with my soul Is where you reside Interwoven in my mind I rely, on your presence to revive And it seems you've been a part of me, from a time before this time Before time, even, oddly, like our souls are intertwine There's no single silence to prove our miracle... It's a product of our thoughts, emotions, feelings All in oneness fusing our two spirits into one. Enlightening each-other, till we are brighter than the sun... Where we reside, Interwoven in the light I rely, on your presence to revive And it seems you've been a part of me from a life before this life... Before light, even, oddly, like are souls are intertwine But you know that our bodies soon will fail us And that ain't fair that it's more fragile than the mind But if we leave them behind, in the same place & time... Maybe in the next one you'll be easier to find?
The Farce 500-Million (free) 04:07
The system is concrete There isn't room for adaptation or interest in unfolding... Cuz we don't wanna hear the facts, unless their in our favor Well I heard that "The Elite will fold, in their defeat" The brainwash is discrete! It's weird to think it was so easy, to warp our minds & mute our hearts We know that we remember Truth, but lies just have more flavor... Yeah, but once you taste The Truth, no you cannot retreat It's a Farce to be reckoned with A Farce to be reckoned with A farce of a future & past that we've put up with But The Farce now, it shall be reckoned with... There's a battle on The Earth And those not fighting are the army, fully loaded with automatic indifference & ADD The entertainment/distaction's a WMD There's guns in the church!? Jesus he's be furious, he'd rip your chest & steal the soul... In hope that he could hand it off to a body that deserves it & learns that... He at least knows what it's worth (Chorus) If you'd like to rule the world, with a simple death-by-step procedure... All you'd have to do is birth a war, so when it wages you can win it... Most heroically, with superior technology Then unite humanity with 1 ideology & 1 currency Just put a country on some holy land And bases in the boundaries of... A people pr-enraged between the oil & beliefs So easily justified by holocaust & false-flag terrorist attacks... Concealing every holocaust you've run & left alone & HOPE TO HAVE! Just use "The Farce-500,000,000"... Providing the solution to population problems & projections for The Earth. That way the planet could regenerate, while oceans rise to the occasion With a more manageable population, both micro-chipped & weak! Yes, In God we'll trust But in "Them" we believe... The "Annuit Coeptis" "Novus Ordo Seclorum" "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM!"
Inevitable 03:49
Only more inevitable, the more we say it's impossible Only more inevitable, the more we say it's improbable Over-contemplating turned us complicating Now we stand to the north of nowhere I'm over our parading, it isn't vindicating Cuz we'll march out of time over & over Only more Inevitable, when we proclaim what is possible Only more Inevitable, the Titanic was so unsinkable Why are we debating? ...The question keeps remaining Must I wait for your ego to expire? While we were masturbating the bomb was armed & waiting... Now all I know is we will burn in the same fire! Only more Inevitable Nature's wrath... so unavoidable Nothing is impossible, while everything is plausible And when we manifest it's probable... That the possible & causible, are singular when logical... For 6-billion people, what do ya do with 7-billion people? Only more Inevitable (Only so preventable) The dinosaurs were unstoppable Only more Inevitable The Titanic was so unsinkable It's only more Inevitable..
Anti-Matter 04:52
I see & smell, I taste & feel But most of all I hear it... While no one knows I hear it. Five senses so intense but in reality are failing... Cuz all I feel is waiting. Till you to see it too The same way that I do. Then all would renew... And we could synchronize our consciousness from different points of view. And I saw a fantasy so real, but I couldn't make it matter And boy ain't reality surreal, when nothing seems to matter If you are not beside me then explain how I can feel you... and sing from here right to you? So let's shut our eyes & block this cruelest fallacy of "distance" ...yeah all we'll do is listen Till you see it too The same way that I do... (Chorus) Now I see your face in front of me but I... I still smell out possibility but we... Now ya do ya taste our kiss, like it's reality? Cuz I Do This touch I feel splits space & gravity, is it You? But most of all I hear you Though it's only Anti-Matter from our broken points of view...
I trapped myself again, locked in my mountain Of habits & actions, my restricted sense of self begins within I found the bars again, going to Mars again... Did not get far again, I shut the door & locked my self in I gotta get out of here Just drop the dimensions & disappear I gotta get out of here Create a diversion & disappear And disappear... Please bring news from outside the boundaries of the mind Who is the greatest "I", is there anyway to get outside? Someone said out & in are mirror images What then are accidents? Do we manifest our lives in every sense? (Chorus) The only way out is in.
Cosmic Waltz 04:16
Are we evolving, or revolving? In the circles we spin. Resolving or dissolving? In the infinite abyss that we swim. Infinitely our paths, and positions Are weaving a map, with little revisions. Just decisions, divisions, and moments of peace With the people we meet; so in-comprehensively random & brief. Unsettled, I apologize. For every look, and laugh, and touch, and kiss, and hug, and conversation that never realized It's too hard to organize all the lives that I could have lead With the people we love, and didn't love, and could have loved, and should have loved instead. In a world heading steadily to it's end. Are we evolving or revolving? In the circles we spin. Resolving or dissolving? As our skyscrapers crumble in the wind But now I'm sky-scraping too Hoping to scrape of the blue Maybe remove the moon Murder midnight & noon There must be something new for man to spin-in to...


released November 12, 2013

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Bob Hoag
at Flying Blanket Recording, Mesa, AZ. Assisted by Elise Towery.
Mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room, Fort Collins, CO.
Artwork by Fabian Jimenez - farboart.com
80/20 Records


all rights reserved



Captain Squeegee Phoenix, Arizona

Quirky, eccentric and high-energy, this psychedelic indie-rock group pushes the boundaries of music and theatrics.

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